Selling Land In Kinney County, Texas

We are a land buying company that purchases vacant land in Kinney County, TX in nearly any condition or situation.

No commissions!

No closing costs!

No more waiting!

Having Trouble Selling Land In Kinney County, Texas?

Does selling land seem like too much work? Don’t know where to start? Or is it easier to just wait until next year (or the next)?

We can help! It will only take a few minutes of your time to get started!

When paying property taxes starts becoming a drain, selling vacant land you no longer want or need is a great way to free up extra money and time, and gain a financial cushion or pay for everyday expenses. But, trying to sell land online or locally all alone can be overwhelming and exhausting.

The time spent creating a property listing, marketing your property and responding to prospective buyers, and the stress of managing your own closing process — with all the legal documents and purchase agreement to boot — starts to add up.

We often hear selling land in Texas can often be frustrating due to the following:

  • Real estate agent commissions are too high!
  • Gathering all the paperwork is overwhelming
  • Heirship work is intimidating.
  • Online listing sites are complex.
  • Closing a land sale is slow (and expensive)!
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Kinney County, Texas landowners deserve to easily, and quickly, sell vacant land directly to a land buyer.

We Make Selling Inherited Land Stress-Free

Selling Land Fast Without a Realtor Should Be Simple

Dow Land buys vacant land directly from Kinney County, TX landowners to cut out the middleman and speed up the land sales process. As cash land buyers, we provide a cash offer in 1-2 business days and, with clear title, will typically close in 30 days or less.

Once you accept our cash offer, you can be confident that you will be paid in a matter of days, not months (or years), and you won’t pay any realtor commissions.

Rural properties and vacant land sell MUCH slower than homes. While a typical home in Texas will go under contract in less than 2 months, selling land takes much longer. If priced right, selling land in Texas can still take over 180 days. Whereas, some rural properties sit on the local market for 2-3+ years, particularly if they are mispriced, in less desirable areas, or have zoning restrictions. The sale process can be incredibly slow and frustrating with tire kickers and numerous false starts. Do you want to wait THAT long to get paid and move on?

Texas realtor commissions range from 6-10% on real estate sales.
You, the seller, are responsible for paying that cost on the closing statement. Do you really want to cut into your bottom line by paying seller agent and buyer agent real estate commissions?

Sell Land In Kinney County, Texas In 3 Easy Steps

Sell your property directly to a land buyer… the hassle-free way!

Contact us

Fill out the short form below with basic information about your land in Kinney County, TX.

Receive an offer

We’ll review your information, ask a few questions, and send you a cash offer in 1-2 business days.

Sell your land

We help with the paperwork and closing process, and you’ll walk away with money in your pocket.

Sell Your Land Fast With Direct Land Buyers

We are a land buying company that understands the land selling market in your area and want to help you walk away from your real estate transaction with a smile.

We’ve done business with thousands of landowners across America and would love to call you a client!

Dow Land is dedicated to making the sales process easy, fast, and direct for landowners in Kinney County, Texas. We will even help you gather all the documents needed to sell your land quickly and easily, without real estate agent commissions and closing costs.

Receive a cash offer.

Sign a state-approved contract.
Work with a licensed title company.
Have confidence your sale will close!
No more waiting.
No realtor commissions.
No unnecessary paperwork.
No closing costs.
No unexpected fees.

Just fill out the short form below with some basic information about your unwanted land or property, and we will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

Texas Cities and Zip Codes in Kinney County We Buy Land From Include:

Brackettville, TX 78832

Don’t see your city or zip code but interested in selling your Texas land fast? No problem.

Just fill out the short form below with some basic information about your land for sale you no longer want, and we will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dow Land LLC?

Dow Land LLC is a private, land investment firm based in Dallas, Texas. We buy vacant land and rural properties. We’re a family company too!

Will the Sales Price be publicly disclosed?
No. Texas is a non-disclosure state. Real property sale prices in Texas are not a matter of public record and are kept strictly confidential between the buyer, seller, and third parties involved in the sale process. Prying family members and noisy neighbors won’t know how much you were paid. That’s between you and us.
Are you cash land buyers?
YES! We will make you an all-cash offer with no financing contingencies. Plus, we make the sales process quick, easy, and efficient — without any hidden fees, costs, or commissions.
How will I get paid?
It’s up to you. You can be paid by immediate wire transfer or bank check from the title company.
So, I can sell my property directly to you without a real estate agent?
Correct! You are not required to use a licensed realtor or land broker when selling your own property. We help you gather all the necessary paperwork and will walk you through every step of the process. Most real estate agents aren’t able to offer the amount of time and attention we provide to our property owners selling land. Plus, we are cash buyers so you can walk away with money in your pocket!
Do you buy homes?
Yes! But, it’s not our specialty. We primarily buy vacant land without improvements, like homes, barns, structures, and utilities. If your property does include a home, please be prepared to tell us detailed information about the house, including its age and condition, as well as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and total square feet.
Do I need to know my legal property description?
No! We can typically pull the legal description based on a basic title search or county public records. If you have it available, a parcel number is always helpful. If we can’t determine the complete property description before signing the sale agreement, the title company will run a full title search and update the documents needed to sell and transfer ownership with a metes and bounds property description before the closing date.
What if I have title issues?
We can still help! We are not attorneys and cannot legally represent you; we’re just a land buying company. However, we’ve resolved and dealt with many seller title issues through the years in cooperation with local title companies and legal counsel. Title curative may require you to execute an additional legal document or other documents. Still, once the title is free and clear, the title company will issue title insurance, protecting both of us from future issues.
Do you buy land of any size?
Yes! We buy land in all shapes and sizes, from small lots to large ranches.
Do you only buy land in Kinney County, TX?
No! We buy land all over the country from San Antonio to San Diego. From West Texas to the East Coast! And everywhere else in between.
What will you do with my property after you buy it?
We are investors searching for land that meets our investment criteria. Our primary goal is to find a new owner for every property we purchase. Depending on each property’s holding costs and potential uses, we may decide to hold the real estate for long-term investment purposes or find a new owner within the fiscal year.
Do you know something I don't ? Why are you contacting me?
NO!  We don’t have the inside scoop.  There’s no secret.   We are simply looking for great real estate investments.  And we contact owners all across America, looking for owners who want to sell land.

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Local Land Sale Resources in Kinney County, Texas

District & County Clerk

Ricardo D. Alvarado

501 S Ann St
Brackettville, TX 78832

Phone: (830) 563-2521
Fax: (830) 563-2644
Tax Assessor-Collector

Martha Pena-Padron

501 S Ann St
Brackettville, TX 78832

Phone: (830) 563-2688
Fax: (830) 563-9563
Chief Appraiser

Todd Tate

412 S Ann St
Brackettville, TX 78832

Phone: (830) 563-2323
Fax: (830) 563-9292

We Don’t Just Buy Vacant Land

Most land buyers only want vacant land without any structures but, ideally, with some basic infrastructure and utilities like water and electricity. We don’t worry about those details too much because we aren’t just vacant land buyers. Sure, we’ll have some questions about your property, but it’s not a deal killer for us if you have a home or other improvements.

Whether you want to sell vacant land, farmland, timberland, agricultural land, or land with structures (new or old), we want to help.

Through the years, we’ve bought all of that and more. We’ve purchased floodplain properties, landlocked properties, undivided interests, mineral rights, mobile homes, and more!

As direct land buyers, we work quickly to provide you with an offer and then work even faster to make selling your Texas land an enjoyable and simple process.

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Get A Cash Offer On Your Kinney County, Texas Property

At Dow Land, we’ll buy land in nearly any condition or situation.
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Do you have multiple properties you want to sell? GREAT! We’d love to hear from you.

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